Don’t get shirty on the high street; create your own T shirt!

Reasons to Create your own T Shirt

From birth to 5 years your parents choose your outfits. Setting them out the night before they are to be worn, your mother or father lays out a clothing ensemble exactly in the way in which it should be put upon your person. You awake in the morning with a start when your bleary eyes think they see a hovering boy when actually they see your day’s get up hanging on the radiator.

From the age of 5 years to 12 years your headmaster chooses your clothing. You are forced to wear a uniform grey pinafore that stops just below the knee (flattering!), an elasticated tie that your teachers can use to restrain you and a pair of knee socks that virtually meet said pinafore, only leaving an inch of bare shin to the naked eye.

At 12 years you start to gain a little more independence over your clothing. Although you must succumb to the high school adaptation of the uniform; you secretly customise it. On the way to school, you hitch up your skirt to create a belt, you loosen your tie and you unbutton your shirt virtually to the navel. This is the time to be ‘you.’

Are you fed up of a lifetime of conformity, standardisation and genericism? Create your own T shirt!

If you create your own T shirt rather than sprinting to River Island or Topman before a big night out; you can include any design, lettering, wording or motif and, create your own T shirt today and you can become anything from part of a pack of Hen’s painting the town red, a fancy dress party or just a new take on ‘you.’ What’s more, you don’t have to queue to create your own T Shirt like you do on the high street when purchasing goods; you can create your own T Shirt online, TODAY!

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