Don’t get shirty on the high street; create your own T shirt!

Reasons to Create your own T Shirt

From birth to 5 years your parents choose your outfits. Setting them out the night before they are to be worn, your mother or father lays out a clothing ensemble exactly in the way in which it should be put upon your person. You awake in the morning with a start when your bleary eyes think they see a hovering boy when actually they see your day’s get up hanging on the radiator.

From the age of 5 years to 12 years your headmaster chooses your clothing. You are forced to wear a uniform grey pinafore that stops just below the knee (flattering!), an elasticated tie that your teachers can use to restrain you and a pair of knee socks that virtually meet said pinafore, only leaving an inch of bare shin to the naked eye.

At 12 years you start to gain a little more independence over your clothing. Although you must succumb to the high school adaptation of the uniform; you secretly customise it. On the way to school, you hitch up your skirt to create a belt, you loosen your tie and you unbutton your shirt virtually to the navel. This is the time to be ‘you.’

Are you fed up of a lifetime of conformity, standardisation and genericism? Create your own T shirt!

If you create your own T shirt rather than sprinting to River Island or Topman before a big night out; you can include any design, lettering, wording or motif and, create your own T shirt today and you can become anything from part of a pack of Hen’s painting the town red, a fancy dress party or just a new take on ‘you.’ What’s more, you don’t have to queue to create your own T Shirt like you do on the high street when purchasing goods; you can create your own T Shirt online, TODAY!

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tshirt design
Image by OnTask
Word play on Olympic slogan: "Faster Higher Harder" [IMG_4178]

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Fed up of seeing your favourite top on every second person? create your own t shirt!

River Island attire: V- neck, muted tones, fitted. Topman clothing: Collared and cuffed, skinny fit, elaborately patterned. Miss Selfridge offerings: Red light district. The range at Next: Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Are you fed up of high street get up? Create your own T shirt!

If you create your own T shirt it can be inclusive of ANY design, motif or wording you desire and can either become part of the perfect novelty ensemble for a hen party or fancy dress costume or form part of your everyday capsule wardrobe. What’s more, you don’t have to wait around to create your own T shirt. Indeed- online- you can create your own T shirt- TODAY!

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Quite ‘why’ a provider of a ‘create your own T- Shirt’ packages like the ones at T- Shirt Maker.co.uk is rather unclear but so many designers continue to feel threatened by the very suggestion of their services being surplus to requirements. Some even feel that if you create your own T- Shirt that you will no longer make purchases from the high street which, at the very least, is a ludicrous notion!

If indeed, you do decide to shun these negative implications made by ill- informed fools and create your own T-Shirt with T- Shirt Maker.co.uk, what the result will be is anything but mundane or one- dimensional. Create your own T-Shirt here and you will get a choice of colour, style, size and design and- should you place a large order for a group of individuals – you will also be rewarded a 20% discount!

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Go to t-shirtmaker.co.uk if you want to create your own T-Shirt! By making or personalising your own design, you can create a personalised Tshirt, hoodie, vest, uniform or other clothing.

BCMKE3 T-Shirt Design v1.1 (Navy Blue)
tshirt design
Image by Mike Rohde
A new design for BarCampMilwaukee3 T-Shirts, which would be medium-dark gray Gildan t-shirts.

I envisioned embedding tag spaces for attendee name at the top, and tags related to the attendee below the logo.

The design suggests a network connection of the person to BarCampMilwaukee3 and to their relative tags.

We would lay out various colored sharpie markers so that attendees could add their own name and tags in the color they would like, to make each shirt custom and unique.

The front would be 2 color: white and new Brewers navy blue on this option.

On the back, I’m using the BarCampMilwaukee3 icon, with connection to the sponsors centered within a large tag. The back would be one color: white to reduce costs.

CorelDRAW tutorial for easy fashion t-shirt designs and effects with simple effects. See http://advancedtshirts.com/ for more tutorial and AdvancedTshirts.com products.


Create attractive t-shirt with custom online t-shirt design

Among the various kinds of garments that are a favorite with people – both young and old, men and women, the t-shirt holds a special place. One of the main reasons for this is the flexibility that the dress offers to wearers. It can be worn with jeans, formal pants, trousers, chinos, bermuda, skirts, palazzos, harem pants and even pajamas. In one word, t-shirt can be adorned with almost anything and everything. If you take a look around, you will find wide varieties of t-shirts on sale, in different styles and designs. Choose the one that matches your personality and your tastes.

Custom online t-shirt design – creating the design you like on the garment

If you are bored with the available t-shirt designs in the market, why not try something new and create a unique design for your garment. This is an excellent idea and you can show your creativity and innovation through the same as well. Try and create various kinds of designs that you want to print on your t-shirt or on some other garment. And then these designs can be easily printed on the garment with the help of screen printing or other garment printing techniques. Infact if you want a special design printed on the t-shirt and do not have any design in mind, the store that offers garment printing can also help you with the same. Usually the stores have unique t-shirt designs, which can be easily printed on the garments. You might make improvisations in the design to make it look better and more attractive.

T-shirt printing online – getting the printing job done from home

Demands for customized printed t-shirts are on the rise now. Such t-shirts are not only being worn by youngsters, but they are also being widely used in company events, special community programs, social drive issues and similar events. People are getting customized t-shirts for these occasions now as it helps in creating uniformity for the event. Whether you want a single piece t-shirt printed or need t-shirt printing in bulk, you can order the work from the convenience of your home. There are many garment printing companies that offer the facility of garment printing online. You just need to place your order online and it will be delivered to you at your given address. You need to provide all the specifications of the printing to the company.

3nuts – a premiere company offering excellent services of t-shirt printing online

Among the many companies that offer quality t-shirt printing services to customers, 3nuts deserves a special mention. The company has the best equipments for printing designs on various kinds of garments including t-shirts. Along with printing, the company also offers custom online t-shirt design in case customers do not have a pre-decided design. Orders can be placed with 3nuts online only and the completed set of printed t-shirts will be delivered at the provided address within the stipulated deadline. Materials used for printing on t-shirts are of the top quality. Also, the rates charged by 3nuts are highly affordable when compared to other t-shirt printing companies.

For more information about t-shirt printing online and custom online t-shirt design please visit http://www.3nuts.com/

Asymetric Tyres Tshirt
tshirt design
Image by Rubber Dragon
Tshirt with Asymetric Tyre design from wickedtshirts.co.uk/photos/asymetric