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tshirtkings247.com is a custom tshirt website that specializes in photo tshirts and more
specifically r.i.p shirts. The site allows users the option of designing their own shirt or have the company design the shirt for them. The company was started in 2000 by Todd Smedley in dayton, ohio. he owned another company and started making tshirts for his first business. Soon after a customer for his first business wanted shirts made for a funeral. the client wanted 100 picture tshirts made to honor her son who was born on the 4th of july and also passed away on the 4th of july. after making a this order Smed realized that this would be a nice service to provide for people who wanted shirts of this nature. Tshirt Kings is a company whose belief is do more than what is expected. Smed says his belief system is go the extra mile. Go above and beyond and that is the true way to elevate in all aspects of life. TshirtKings247.com creates unique artwork for customers shirts and jackets that are timeless. it gives the customer the opportunity to express themselves without saying a word. as the old saying goes…. a picture is worth 1000 words. Many people want to get picture shirts made but they have no idea how creative they can be. this is why tshirtkings247.com has taking photo tshirts to a level where they have no competition. let’s take rest in peace shirts for example. when someone passes away… the emotions of the situation is overwhelming and the loved ones who are left behind want to remember the good times they have with their friend or family member. so they begin to look at pictures they’ve taken…. and the memories start to roll. tshirtkings247.com takes those memories and captures a snapshot and puts it on your garment for the world to see. it’s always a expression of love and tenderness. taking the good from the one who passed and focusing only on the good things. it’s kind of sad that we wait until people die to focus on the Good things they do or did but that’s what photo tshirts
and r.i.p shirts do. A few things that separate tshirtkings247.com from other shirt making site.
1. Our designs are elaborate and each 1 is made different and custom. No templates which makes each shirt different unless shirts are being done within the same family structure.
2. we make shirts the day we get the order and get them shipped right away
3. you don’t talk to robots when you call us
4. our creativity is unmatched by our competitors
5. we have a real store front retail business so we work with people everyday, therefore we understand what customers want.
6. the drive to not be second to anyone.
7. we love our jobs at tshirtkings247.com . it is a challenge for every employee at tshirt
kings to make the best shirt ever. every time the start a new design. A competition among the employee on who comes up with the best artwork… and bonuses are given for most creative artwork. tshirtkings247.com invites all to come to the site and see examples of our work. see our customers and let us design something special for you. www.tshirtkings247.com

S.A & 54 MISSILE t-shirt design
tshirt design


Baby Crew Clothing – Online Fashion Fits Comfortably On Baby Boys

Every parent has at least this in common: you need to buy baby clothes and buy more than you think. Babies are amazing little creatures, and what’s even more amazing is their talent for going through a baby tshirt collection in a day it seems. With all the washing that’s necessary, even the brightest colors fade, and seams tear, then that cute baby cotton shirt looks like you purchased it at the flea market three years ago. No worries, though, you can have a great-looking son without going too far, in fact, you can do your shopping right from home.

When you shop for your next baby tshirt, or your next dozen, rather – before you hop in the car and drive to dig through stacks of over-styled, commercialized “styles” of tees, you can save yourself the trip. Open your web browser instead and look for “baby crew clothing,” for example. You can find great designs from New York’s finest boutique in children’s wear, all without leaving your seat.

Before dinner’s even ready, or dessert for that matter, you can have an order placed of nothing but the finest in American cotton, rendered unbelievably soft, in a style that doesn’t detract from your son’s natural appeal. Why cover up the handsomest child with a glaring, in-your-face design that takes your eyes off of his? The best fashion, even for a baby cotton shirt, is that which can compliment rather than distract from your son’s appearance.

Maybe your buying for a friend’s baby shower, and want to get something that stands out from the rest of the crowds. What says, “I care about you, your friendship means the world to me,” more than finding the best in design just for their son? Stand out from the masses, and get the best for your family and your friends. Nothing says it better than a quality gift they won’t be able to find just anywhere.

When you shop for those tees, remember that simpler is better. Having a tee that can be worn in the future for other children, siblings or friend’s children, is a great return that you won’t find in just any clothing manufacturer. When a designer from a New York boutique puts his or her seal of approval on a smaller batch of clothing, for instance, you can rest in the fact that the clothes are made with attention to detail. Shop for baby crew clothing that is made in America, with the finest eye for detail to every stitch and design, and see what a difference in quality you can expect from the fashion gurus just waiting behind your internet connection.

Estella-NYC is the best place to find cute baby clothes. Whether you are looking for baby cotton shirt, baby crew clothing, baby pants, jeans or rompers for your little toddler, Estella-NYC is the place to go to!

tshirt design
Image by quinn.anya
These made me smile.

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Music Punk Rock T-shirt, The Design

Why is there a need to produce and distribute custom screen printed apparel? As giving out and selling custom screen printed apparel and accessories has become a standard marketing practice, businesses have become very accustomed to custom tshirt screen printing endeavors. That is because almost all important and significant businesses and companies these days are into producing and distributing custom screen printed apparel.

The first thing you should do before you embark on a project to produce custom printed tshirt is to do the necessary design. Part of this process is to decide what color and type of shirt will be used for custom t shirt screen printing initiative.

As people use custom screen printed apparel, more and more prospective consumers can get exposure about your business and company. Brand and business recall will lead you to them should demand and need for your products and services arise.

When the design of music punk rock t-shirts is finalized, you should look at the perks, pros and cons of making your own custom printed tshirt or hiring professional custom tshirt screen printing services.

There are many businesses operating in the market offering designing and printing of custom printed music punk rock t-shirts. In comparison, you generally would be able to save on costs if you decide to make the activity yourself. You do not need to e a professional shirt printer do so. Knowing the simple procedures for shirt printing will already do.

T Shirts have undergone a long evolutionary process. What started out essentially as the round neck short sleeved garment made of knitted soft hosiery cotton, changed dramatically over the years both in terms of design as well as the material used to manufacture it. Cotton was replaced by cotton blends, polyester, lycra, spandex and a whole host of other materials that were used to keep pace with the ever fickle trends of the day.

Necklines rose and plunged; sleeves lengthened and shortened and sizes shrunk or expanded in accordance with styles and fashions dictated by the powers that be! And the evolution of the T shirt continues to this day!

You can order custom printed tshirt items from professional and existing businesses specifically for such custom t shirt printing products. Such shirts can cost a little higher, but the speed and quality will never ever be compromised, that is, if you could make sure you are dealing with the best and most reliable screen printer there is.

What initiated as a way for a few folks to communicate their faith gently has grown into a multi-million dollar a year industry. The need to have more distinctive designs has risen and thus an industry is born. Graphic artist are creating new designs daily. They are either being hot pressed onto the shirts or embroidered.

If your business needs a boost, there is surely a need to further intensify your marketing and promotional campaigns. You can turn to custom tshirt screen printing to do so. Through preferring to make and distribute custom screen printed apparel, you can bolster the popularity and brand recall for your brand and company. This, marketers would agree, is an effective way to achieve and attain marketing and advertising goals.

Music Punk Rock T-Shirts is the cheapest website to buy music punk rock t-shirts. Rekli one way link is the best place to buy one way link. They are working as searcn engine proffesionals for years.

T-Shirt Design
tshirt design
Image by karmablis
This is the T-Shirt design for the Modest Mouse redesign.

Models are from Threadless.com

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TShirt Printing Designs – Fashion That Stays

Providing Timeless Style Statements – Tshirt Printing

While t-shirt printing is a continuous trend that always changes every season, it is also considered fashion that never goes out of style. Tshirt printing varies from a simple and subtle design to an intricate and detailed art. The fashion industry reserves an intense passion for t-shirt designs, with each has its own appeal and followers.

There have been many styles in t-shirt print designs that come and go in fashion. But those that stand the test of time are the classics that have come back and can still be seen being worn today.

Designs That Are Forever In Style In Tshirt Printing

Statement Tees T-Shirt Designs

This design type doesn’t need graphics. A head-turning word or a funny phrase can do a lot of wonders. A good statement tee is able to goad reaction from passing strangers who get to read it. It can rouse either hilarity or annoyance, depending on the message. They can truly catch people’s attention, that’s precisely why statement tees have been so popular in all these years.

Brand Signs Designs On T-Shirts

Brand symbols is highly identifiable wherever you go, which is why they work as t-shirt print designs. There is something amusing about wearing a well-known brand on their shirt, especially if the wearer is not affiliated with it. Brand logos from renowned companies are also considered classics; hence, you can wear them anytime and it will still be in trend.

Skull Designs In T-Shirts

Skulls as designs on t-shirt prints aren’t perceived as macabre nowadays unlike before when they were usually associated with death and morbidity. And although some still raise fear in people, the fresher varieties are more cute and endearing.

Nature As Subject Of T-Shirt Print

Floral patterns, animal prints, and tree artworks are just some of the nature designs that continue to be popular to this day no matter how modern things become. There is something about nature that still fascinates t-shirt enthusiasts.

Great Splatter Paints T-Shirt Ideas

Splatter paint designs in t-shirt prints is probably one of the things in the ’60s that have live through the subsequent years. It is still artistic and popular to this day, and it looks like it will remain that way in decades to come.

A lot of designs in tshirt printing have become classics. You can see people sporting them during their casual days off. Just like a good pair of denims, t-shirts never go out of fashion.

Do you need quality and affordable t-shirt printing? Only trust the experts for all your shirt printing needs.

54 MISSILE t-shirt design
tshirt design

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There Are No Limitations To A T-Shirt

There are a lot of situations when wearing a Tshirt isn’t appropriate; a funeral for one, maybe a college graduation and certainly your own wedding ceremony. Wearing a T-shirt to a friends wedding is okay. But, although there may very well be a few spots that wearing a T-shirt may not be the best plan, there are many more suitable places and it makes the Tshirt just about the most versatile and put to use garment in your closet.

Tshirt have been around for a long time, even in ancient times the Greeks and Romans utilized them as casual dress. That last part wasn’t real, but they have been a staple of the American wardrobe and experience for years. For a very long time, a simple colored T-shirt was perfectly fine, but then somebody got the magnificent notion to place things onto the t shirts.

You could very well put the logo of your company. The Tshirt has forever been an inexpensive and cost effective means to promote, but there is so much more. You can support your preferred basketball team or hockey team or the nearby Kiwanis club and even who you wish to vote for for government in the future election. The point is that the limitations of the T-shirt and what you could possibly put on them is limitless and can certainly never be depleted.

The only restriction to what is able to be printed or embroidered or ironed on a Tshirt is simply limited by your inventiveness. Even the iron on decal t-shirt are becoming popular once again. I just recently saw a youth at the mall wearing a Tshirt with Mr. T’s face on it. I had the exact same t-shirt 25 years ago. They said that things from the eighties would never make a comeback, yet just as the 60s and 70’s had their revival, the 80’s are right behind and all the spandex and leg warmer glory of those days will make a triumphant return. Okay, perhaps not the leg warmers, but I’ll be dusting of the old Reebok high tops soon; I am confident that people will start wearing them once more.

All of these styles have come full circle and even when individuals start wearing them again to be humorous or ironic, somebody else may pick up on it and like it for what it is and start it up once more. That is why you find the same things come around repeatedly every couple of years. It only takes one child to dust it off and remove it from his or her parents closet and give it a go.

A Tshirt have been around for several decades. there are funny tshirts and then some are serious and others advertise a business or support a sports team. If you are interested in purchasing a custom designed shirt, go to www.finroo.com.

Cornish Shirt
tshirt design
Image by @CorySchmitz
For a shirt design contest at my school.

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Do You Hide Old Photos Due To Fashion Embarrassment?

Occasionally things appear to be a good thing at the time, just like skinny jeans or cowboy hats; but when you look back at it, you recognize that they were both poor ideas. Now, it’s factual that a couple of people can pull off the two of these looks, but not always at the same time. That would probably be kind of unusual.

However there are a couple of items that translate well no matter what generation or what fashion you are going for. First there is the blue jeans. Blue jeans, as long as they’re a conventional classic cut and color can certainly look fine on anyone. Many people shouldn’t wear low rise or flared types, but simple blue jeans anybody can easily pull off. Just steer clear from rhinestones and cut-offs, however the rest is pretty much fair game.

Another thing that nearly anyone can wear, without thinking about looking foolish or not current is a t-shirt. T-shirts can be anything you wish them to be. You are able to have anything depicted on a Tshirt and the great thing about them is that they’re more than just something you wear.

You can easily use them to show support or to put your feelings out there or publicize for your preferred Italian restaurant. Another great thing about T-shirt is that it is fairly straightforward to style and create your own Tshirt to wear or sell. As long as you are able to put together an interesting design or a witty slogan to put on the front, you will be able to have a unique piece of clothing. Just be sure to remember that you will probably be asked about it all the time, from people wondering where you got it.

Another thing that most people have no problems with is shoes. Certainly, there are a few sorts of shoes that should not be worn by people over or under a particular age, but there are loads of shoes that are accessible to all ages. The exceptional thing about a pair of shoes is that with the liberty to choose what you like, you will be able to have something that you have never seen any person wear before. Especially if you are willing to search outside your customary shoe age group. Shopping online has made it really easy to buy all kinds of interesting cloths and shoes, all sorts of things that you will never find at your local mall.

You can find a full array of Mens tee shirts and Womens tee shirts if you go to www.finroo.com. They have a vast array of tees to purchase, and they even provide you the opportunity to create your own.

tshirt design
Image by snebtor
Sleeveless hoodies, sweatshirts and tshirts coming up this week!

Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more videos! Links to brushes used below.

Since I’ve drawn this I’ve changed the way I film/draw to be easier on your eyes. This video features music by Secondhand Habit, the band who hired me for this design!

Website – http://katiehodgson.com/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/KatieHodgsonGraphicDesigner?ref=hl
Instagram – https://instagram.com/young_money_hodgson/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/youngmoneyhodge
Behance – https://www.behance.net/katiehodgson

Printed & Filmed at T-shirtPrinting.ca – http://t-shirtprinting.ca/

Music by Secondhand Habit – Check them out if you liked it!
SHH Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/secondhandhabit
SHH Bandcamp – http://secondhandhabit.bandcamp.com/

Brushes by Tom Chalky – http://tomchalky.com/product/grit-and-grunge-photoshop-brush-pack/


The reason why Quality is Almost everything When Choosing Printed Custom T-Shirts

Printed custom made Tshirts best option to jump out in the crowd, dress yourself in something a bit of less mainstream or to promote a product or service . Choosing a custom style and design can be interesting and a license to go a little mad or choose a design that is absolutely one of a kind. it’s also important to pick out good quality fabrics. After all, you do not wish to put several hours in to your design and style whenever your t-shirt is going to fall aside after one clean up!

Fruit of the Loom for example is one of the most well known companies when it comes along with cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts. That’s why several companies providing printed custom t-shirts insist on having a wide range of Fruit of the Loom products. These items of clothing take printing and embroidery very well and as long as they are washed according to the instructions on the label, they will not fade and will never go out of shape. No matter if you are outside to make an impression on friends, customers or buyers, it’s vital to choose the right t-shirt.

Branded T-Shirts That Do not Cost the Earth

The great news is that high quality printed custom t-shirts do not need to cost the earth. Bulk purchases are where the big cost savings come into play and it’s worth checking out the pricing thresholds when ordering to see the amount you could spend less. Other top quality t-shirt suppliers include Gildan and Jerzees, each of which offers excellent items of clothes that are best for custom designs.

For anyone who is setting up a promotional special offers, it has never been more beneficial to choose the best high quality t-shirts. Choose second-rate items and your clients will keep in mind you as the organization that select the low-cost option. Go for a good quality t-shirt and your buyers shall be very pleased to put on your logo or message for a very long time to come. Printed custom t-shirts make terrific special gifts at corporate and sales events and many firms also use their designs throughout their outfits to make a streamlined and competent image.

Whether you’re seeking to promote a new product or service, make a new design for your group, or create a new uniform for your company, presently there are several reasons to choose printed custom t-shirts. Many companies spend working hours on the design and after that go for the most affordable option when it comes to fabric and quality. If you’re out to impress, look at what would make an impression on you. A cheap thin t-shirt just isn’t going to cut it whilst a well cut, 100% cotton top quality t-shirt is one that will have you kept in mind for all the right factors.

Take a look at our range of high-quality t-shirts just waiting to have your brand name placed across them. When it comes to printed custom t-shirts that very last, no one really does it better and we would be pleased to tell you more about our products and our printing processes.

NDK Promotions is an Online Custom Embroided Tshirt Printing Site providing Custom Clothing, Printed Tshirts, Embroided Clothing, Polo Tshirt and Sportswear in UK

BCMKE3 T-Shirt Design v1.1 (Light Blue)
tshirt design
Image by Mike Rohde
A new design for BarCampMilwaukee3 T-Shirts, which would be medium-dark gray Gildan t-shirts.

I envisioned embedding tag spaces for attendee name at the top, and tags related to the attendee below the logo.

The design suggests a network connection of the person to BarCampMilwaukee3 and to their relative tags.

We would lay out various colored sharpie markers so that attendees could add their own name and tags in the color they would like, to make each shirt custom and unique.

The front would be 2 color: white and medium old Brewers blue on this option.

On the back, I’m using the BarCampMilwaukee3 icon, with connection to the sponsors centered within a large tag. The back would be one color: white to reduce costs.


Design of music punk rock t-shirt and the other tshirts

Why is there a need to produce and distribute custom screen printed apparel? As giving out and selling custom screen printed apparel and accessories has become a standard marketing practice, businesses have become very accustomed to custom tshirt screen printing endeavors. That is because almost all important and significant businesses and companies these days are into producing and distributing custom screen printed apparel.

What finally made the T shirt come out of the closet (and into all of ours) and the reason it was finally perceived as seemly to be worn even without an outer shirt is another story. Widely believed to have really made the T shirt mainstream is the unforgettable and iconic portrayal of the Rebel without a Cause by heartthrob James Dean in the 1955 classic film.

When you design a custom printed music punk rock t-shirts, be sure to highlight and emphasize the trademark and appearance of the logo and the brand symbol. Such marks are always important in marketing and advertising.

When the design of music punk rock t-shirts is finalized, you should look at the perks, pros and cons of making your own custom printed tshirt or hiring professional custom tshirt screen printing services.

T shirts are increasingly used to make a style statement these days. Although the Tee is viewed chiefly as a casual, informal way to dress, it is very versatile in that it can be smartened up to go anywhere. For instance the long sleeved T shirt is instantly less casual and with appropriate trimmings can become quite a formal garment, especially for women. Graphic tees can instantly make you look cool.

You should always strive to acquire services and products from custom tshirt screen printing. These custom screen printed apparel and accessories are usually distributed and given out for free. Thus, there re greater and wider reach to more people and prospective consumers or clients.

You stroll down the street, go to malls, parks and even churches, you will observe adults and teenagers wearing Bible verses on their t-shirt. You will also seeing some pretty catchy catchphrases on their shirts with allusions to Bible verses. You might even see some tshirts with hateful sayings on their shirts. Why do people wear these? Why do they wear Music Punk Rock T-Shirts?

It is a way to articulate who you are and what you consider to be true. This is multiplying the Gospel one t-shirt at a time. They come in t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, beanies, and baseball caps. You will find them in regular sizes to plus-sizes. Women wear Music Punk Rock T-Shirts as well as little children. The color assortment is from to brilliant reds to deep black. Even the colors symbolize something about that person and their faith.

Quick! What are you wearing right now? No this is not one of those questions; it is posed merely to elicit a very likely response: because if you are reading this lounging at home right now, you are very likely to be dressed in a T shirt, whether you are male or female.

If your business needs a boost, there is surely a need to further intensify your marketing and promotional campaigns. You can turn to custom tshirt screen printing to do so. Through preferring to make and distribute custom screen printed apparel, you can bolster the popularity and brand recall for your brand and company. This, marketers would agree, is an effective way to achieve and attain marketing and advertising goals.

Music Punk Rock T-Shirts is the cheapest website to buy music punk rock t-shirts. Rekli one way link is the best place to buy one way link. They are working as searcn engine proffesionals for years.

tshirt design
Image by snebtor
EVIL CITIES. No excuse to not wear this
buy online www.snebtor.etsy.com or email me


No One Is Able To Pass Up On A Free T-Shirt

There’s just something about a t-shirt that most people can not pass up. They are probably the most worn pieces of clothing in just about anyone’s closet. What makes them so popular? Maybe because they are so comfortable? Could it be because other than a designer t-shirt, they are so cheap? It’s probably a combination of both, but there may be another reason. Most people do not get to wear t-shirts on a daily basis.

After graduating from school and entering the workforce, there is usually a strict dress code compliance. Wearing a tshirt represents freedom, freedom of commitments such as work and the work week. Most people can identify with a hard work week and on weekends just want unwind and relax. Part of that relaxation, is relaxing casual wears, also know as the uniform of the weekend. The uniform usually includes a shirt and shorts in summer. It’s the same with sneakers.

Most people do not get to wear sneakers to work during the week, so when they finally slip then off on the end of the week, they know that the weekend has come and there is freedom. Of course, T-shirts and sneakers are comfortable and relaxing, but more than that. They really are a cultural phenomenon. There’s nobody out there that can not find at least a tshirt hanging in the closet or folded in a drawer and at least one pair of sneakers under the bed or hiding in the closet. These two pieces of clothing a uniform to represent young people too.

T-shirts and blue jeans have long been the dress code for Friday and Saturday night. You can not go anywhere without seeing people dressed in the uniform of the young and fresh. But the reason shirts and jeans stay in fashion year after year remains a mystery. Why are so popular and are still among the best-selling lines of clothing through so many different age groups?

They have become icons, bigger than trends and fads because you can always go back to them without fear of sticking out too much or fitting in too much. Blue jeans and sneakers can go either way, they can be mainstream and popular or counter culture and rebellious. It just depends on how they are worn and what the popular tends are.,

If you decide to have a Tshirt company make your custom printed Tee shirts, be sure to let them know all of the details they’ll need to know to give you a quote. If you are looking to work with one of the top companies check out www.finroo.com.

54 MISSILE t-shirt design
tshirt design
54 missile new t_shirt design


Develop Your Own Signature Style with Custom T- Shirt Printing

We all enjoy receiving compliments about the way we look and the way we are dressed. It’s very flattering when people admire and tell us that we look “fabulous”, “adorable”, “stunning”, or “classy”. This particularly is the reason that almost everyone, especially the youngsters, keeps on experimenting with their looks, fashion accessories and with their everyday attire. If you are among such individual then bear in mind ‘fashions fade but style is eternal’. Thus, there is need that you develop your own signature style that marks your presence. Nowadays, Tshirts printing is one popular way to do so.

There will be no end to the positive adjectives for you to earn with this method of custom Tshirt printing. With the highly innovative method of affordable t-shirt printing, Australia has rendered an opportunity to youngsters to earn few more compliments that can make their toes tickle and hearts smile a little more than others. The idea of personalised clothing by applying the method of t-shirts printing, has gained a very strong fashion foothold, these days.

In recent times, people are so much inclined to add that extra glamour to their regular attire in a manner that the world can perceive their exclusive and signature dressing style. If you too want to make a unique impression on others through the most outlasted and in an affordable manner, then you need to opt for the method of t-shirt printing, Australia has offered for Tee fans. These affordable design t-shirts not only offer great degree of flexibility to the users but also enable them to establish and flaunt their unique style statement.

With the advancements in design and manufacturing technology, today there are several websites that felicitate the creativity of users by offering them a wide range of stock designs from the custom printing T shirts gallery, to select from.

One of such websites with this trendsetter Tshirts Printing software is www.etees.com.au, where people can easily get the desired t-shirt design in just few clicks and at a reasonable price. This website also renders an opportunity to users to portray or imprint – Funny quotes, serious thoughts, designs or photos, favourite images or whatever they want for developing their signature style on their shirt.

Chris Rotella is author for the etees.com.au; Visit the site for more information about Custom Tshirt Printing.

getting older redux
tshirt design
Image by richard winchell
This is a more concise version of the other shirt.

Best of all, I could sell "Dude!" shirts, and then screenprint the "Sir." on them later on.

Extra revenue AND recycling. How Web 3.x can I get?

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