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The up and coming fashion website boredofthehighstreet.com offers and amazing range of junkfood clothing including pictures of all your favourite celebs wearing the junk food t-shirt you could be buying!

Children are perhaps those that enjoy Christmas the most and enter in to the spirit of the holidays with the most gusto! The thrill of anticipation of Father Christmass arrival is something that a child would love wear in the form of a t shirt.

Alternatively you can design a t shirt for a specific event, group or organization. Do you have an upcoming business event? Or perhaps a match organized for which the team needs to have an exclusive t shirt design? Are you planning to cheer on a friend or relative who is participating in a team event or competition of some sort by showing your solidarity on a t shirt?Or maybe music punk rock t-shirts.

A Junk Food T can make a great statement about you, whether youre a Little Miss Sunshine kind of a girl like Jordan or a skinny bitch like Lindsay therell be a Junk Food tshirt out there thats perfect. Paris looks perfect in her Barbie T but if Eva Mendes is more your thing then why not go for the fab retro Beatles print like the one worn in Hitch.

They come in a great range of colours with loads of cool retro slogans and images, from the Care Bears and Mr Men to Top Gun and the Beatles!

Many online music punk rock t-shirts sites make it really simple for you to design a t shirt: it can be as simple as Put a picture on it and Write on it and you have designed your own t shirt! You can choose whether you want a one sided t shirt or if you want a two sided one; you can even have it so there is only a picture on the front and the lettering on the back or vice versa.

Before I began doing this “t-shirt survey” at the malls here in Dallas, I was expecting about 30-35% of the people would be wearing a t-shirt. Was I ever wrong. I had no idea just how popular t-shirts actually are.

First, who is wearing t-shirts? I counted a total of about 4,000 people over 4 weeks in this survey. In total, about 60-65% were wearing t-shirts – twice my expectations! There was a variance in the age groups. For those under 25-years-old, about 80-85% wore t-shirts. For those 25 to 40 years old, about 60% wore t-shirts. And, for those over 40, about 35% wore t-shirts.

Then there is the more risque Christmas related tee shirt design such as this one: The illustration is that off a distinctly worse for wear Santa who seems to have passed out from rather too much indulgence of good cheer, bottle clutched in hand indicative of exactly what kind of good cheer; and the caption underneath reads, Santa Went to Town! And then here is a very adult letter to Santa made into a t shirt design: Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is all the girls phone numbers off the naughty list. One simply says, Kiss-mas, to indicate the season of love and brotherhood.

Second, what kind of Retro T-Shirt were they wearing? I rarely saw the same t-shirt twice. There were funny t-shirts, animal t-shirts, Christian t-shirts, patriotic t-shirts, and all kinds of novelty t-shirts. And, I wasn’t surprised to see a few crude or offensive ones in the mix either.

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