There Are No Limitations To A T-Shirt

There are a lot of situations when wearing a Tshirt isn’t appropriate; a funeral for one, maybe a college graduation and certainly your own wedding ceremony. Wearing a T-shirt to a friends wedding is okay. But, although there may very well be a few spots that wearing a T-shirt may not be the best plan, there are many more suitable places and it makes the Tshirt just about the most versatile and put to use garment in your closet.

Tshirt have been around for a long time, even in ancient times the Greeks and Romans utilized them as casual dress. That last part wasn’t real, but they have been a staple of the American wardrobe and experience for years. For a very long time, a simple colored T-shirt was perfectly fine, but then somebody got the magnificent notion to place things onto the t shirts.

You could very well put the logo of your company. The Tshirt has forever been an inexpensive and cost effective means to promote, but there is so much more. You can support your preferred basketball team or hockey team or the nearby Kiwanis club and even who you wish to vote for for government in the future election. The point is that the limitations of the T-shirt and what you could possibly put on them is limitless and can certainly never be depleted.

The only restriction to what is able to be printed or embroidered or ironed on a Tshirt is simply limited by your inventiveness. Even the iron on decal t-shirt are becoming popular once again. I just recently saw a youth at the mall wearing a Tshirt with Mr. T’s face on it. I had the exact same t-shirt 25 years ago. They said that things from the eighties would never make a comeback, yet just as the 60s and 70’s had their revival, the 80’s are right behind and all the spandex and leg warmer glory of those days will make a triumphant return. Okay, perhaps not the leg warmers, but I’ll be dusting of the old Reebok high tops soon; I am confident that people will start wearing them once more.

All of these styles have come full circle and even when individuals start wearing them again to be humorous or ironic, somebody else may pick up on it and like it for what it is and start it up once more. That is why you find the same things come around repeatedly every couple of years. It only takes one child to dust it off and remove it from his or her parents closet and give it a go.

A Tshirt have been around for several decades. there are funny tshirts and then some are serious and others advertise a business or support a sports team. If you are interested in purchasing a custom designed shirt, go to www.finroo.com.

Cornish Shirt
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For a shirt design contest at my school.

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