No One Is Able To Pass Up On A Free T-Shirt

There’s just something about a t-shirt that most people can not pass up. They are probably the most worn pieces of clothing in just about anyone’s closet. What makes them so popular? Maybe because they are so comfortable? Could it be because other than a designer t-shirt, they are so cheap? It’s probably a combination of both, but there may be another reason. Most people do not get to wear t-shirts on a daily basis.

After graduating from school and entering the workforce, there is usually a strict dress code compliance. Wearing a tshirt represents freedom, freedom of commitments such as work and the work week. Most people can identify with a hard work week and on weekends just want unwind and relax. Part of that relaxation, is relaxing casual wears, also know as the uniform of the weekend. The uniform usually includes a shirt and shorts in summer. It’s the same with sneakers.

Most people do not get to wear sneakers to work during the week, so when they finally slip then off on the end of the week, they know that the weekend has come and there is freedom. Of course, T-shirts and sneakers are comfortable and relaxing, but more than that. They really are a cultural phenomenon. There’s nobody out there that can not find at least a tshirt hanging in the closet or folded in a drawer and at least one pair of sneakers under the bed or hiding in the closet. These two pieces of clothing a uniform to represent young people too.

T-shirts and blue jeans have long been the dress code for Friday and Saturday night. You can not go anywhere without seeing people dressed in the uniform of the young and fresh. But the reason shirts and jeans stay in fashion year after year remains a mystery. Why are so popular and are still among the best-selling lines of clothing through so many different age groups?

They have become icons, bigger than trends and fads because you can always go back to them without fear of sticking out too much or fitting in too much. Blue jeans and sneakers can go either way, they can be mainstream and popular or counter culture and rebellious. It just depends on how they are worn and what the popular tends are.,

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