How to do Marketing of your T Shirts Brand that works

There are several ways to approach starting up and maintaining a t shirt company on the internet — after all, t shirt sales online are even larger than they are in stores. Why is this? It comes down to catering to certain demographics and creating something that is truly unique. You can do one or the other, but you have to do it well in order to make a dent in the already saturated t shirts design market.

With so many tee production and sales sites online, how do you compete? First you ensure that you have unique and quality designs. Something unique is going to go a lot further than something that can be made by just anyone. No designer got started creating apparel that anyone could make, so getting creative and putting your all into your designs is a solid start. This is even the case when making apparel based off things that are popular online or simply plain text tees. This is especially true when creating your own t shirts design line from scratch.

Once you have decided how you are going to approach your apparel from a design standpoint, you need to consider the marketing aspect of having a business on the internet. This means promoting your website and your brand. This seems simple enough in concept, but if done wrong it can be a nightmare. Some search engine optimization on your main site can help, but the real results in t shirt sales tend to come from organic traffic — which means people traveling to your website because they want to. A big part in pulling in organic traffic is dealing with people though social media sites. Simply creating a Facebook page for your business with regular updates on site news and sales can go a long way if you friend people within your brand’s demographic. The same can be said of Twitter, which is even easier to use to promote your t shirts design brand. A little social media savvy is all you need to pull in potential customers.

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T-Shirt designed by moi
tshirt design
Image by Darwin Bell
I designed this t-shirt for www.mailboxtees.com as part of their nature vs. mankind series.

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