Most Tshirt companies have websites where customers can browse through the catalogue of available Tshirt styles, colors, sizes, and printed designs, and also use the designing tool available on the website to custom design a tshirt and place an order for delivery without a minimum order restriction.

Tshirts do not cost that much and the prize of using it will be given to your promoted company forever. In sponsoring activities such as concerts, family fun day, fellowship, team building or parties a company can use customize tshirts to recognize participants. This does not require sophistication on the design since simple logos and informative prints will be applicable for such purpose. An occasion can look formal when participants and guests are given custom shirts to wear. The more simple a design is the more attractive it will be.

What makes tshirts fit as promotional materials for a company? Since both men and women are able to wear this type of clothing, the product will never be a waste.

In all commercial T-shirt printing, specific colors in the design to be printed are used. Few companies continue to use the water-based inks on the printed Tshirts that they supply. Most companies manufacturing Tshirts and providing Tshirt printing facilities prefer using plastisol because it can be used on varying colors without needing to make color adjustments at the art level.

The design can include an image of your girlfriend or boyfriend, an image or caricature of a political figure, or just some plain text like ‘I love my country’. The design can be about an event like the recent US Presidential elections where Tshirts with images of Obama were a hot item. The design can include a slogan from his campaign too. Many fans and party workers designed, ordered, and wore Obama Tshirts during the campaign, and many still do.

Tshirt design need not be about politics, and you can Design your t-shirt for Christmas as Christmas gifts, glowing Tshirts for Halloween, and even for Valentine. Instead of sending chocolates and cards, you can present a custom design t-shirt to your valentine.

Tshirts are more fashionable materials and most recipients of free tshirts for company promotions will be delighted. When compared to other promotional materials such as pens, bags, and key chains, tshirts stands out all these, serving other purpose aside from covering the body.

Tshirts can also be designed for a sporting event and fans prefer wearing Tshirts in their favorite teams colors, logo, and images of favorite sportsmen. But here too, you can show your individuality by wearing your own custom design t-shirt, instead of buying Tshirts that are available with vendors.

By the end of the last century, designing of custom T-shirts on a Tshirt companies website became very popular. Many Tshirt companies with websites started using digital printing such as DTG printing or Direct to Garment printing, allowing customers to design Tshirts online without the compulsion of having to place a minimum order for T-shirt printing.

When looking for information about custom tshirts, you can check the nearest shop in your place. Or, you can look it up over the Internet. The advantage of searching over the Internet is that most companies offering custom designed shirts have applications you can actually use to design your shirt. These applications will allow you to view previews of an output before the actual processing is done.

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First shirt to be printed from my new shop, now fits after force-shrinking in the wash 🙂

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